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September 2, 2021

We don’t even know where to start or what to say in this update. These updates are tough for us to write and replay back all that has happened, so thank you for your patience as we try to find the words to write between each update.

Imogen was rushed back to the ICU on the night of August 7th after an event involving emesis and her airway being blocked. Her oxygen levels dipped into the 30% range. This was made more complicated by her being in isolation due to only her coming into contact with a Covid positive hospital employee who had been vaccinated but was asymptomatic. Travis was just finishing up at an event in North Dakota when he got the call from an ICU doctor about what had happened, leading to the decision that he won’t be traveling back to Montana for an event until Imogen’s condition starts improving.

Instead of doing monthly doses of medicine to combat her scleroderma-like condition, Imogen is now doing weekly doses at a slightly higher total monthly amount than before in hopes we see improvement sooner.

One of the medicines she was on completely knocked out her B Cell count, limiting the abilities of her already weakened immune system to produce antibodies needed everyday. For this, she underwent an IV IG replacement therapy, involving a blood byproduct infusion. This is now something they are recommending she undergoes every 3 weeks. Hannah and I are reading up on the treatment and trying to learn all we can about it, as we have done for every medicine/possible diagnosis. After her first IV IG treatment, her thyroid hormone levels were tested and found to be depleted; leading to a hypothyroidism diagnosis.

At this time (to put it bluntly), we are scared. Hannah and I are turning our focus to being with Imogen as much as possible. We are surrounding her with all the love, prayers, and positive thoughts she could ever need. She shows strength beyond measure but her body is weak. Her smiles and laughs are a beacon of hope.

As we turn to reduced work and a longer stay in Seattle than we could have ever anticipated, we are increasing the amount of our GoFundMe. This will make sure our needs are met as we put all of our attention on Imogen. We also, thankfully, have Chalice listed as a caretaker of Imogen at the hospital. Chalice has graciously made the decision to help us in Seattle this fall and not work while also attending college via online classes. The increased funds raised through GoFundMe will also go to helping take care of Chalice’s needs as she stays with us and helps us and we navigate whatever comes next.

We know many of you have already helped us out a lot and we thank you for that. If you can help out more, we give you many more thanks. If you can’t help out, please continue to keep Imogen in your thoughts and prayers.

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