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June 14, 2021

Hello friends and family, we haven’t posted an update in a while because Imogen is still waiting on an overall diagnosis.

Since the last update, we moved to the ICU to get Imogen more respiratory support and help her lungs work less using High-Flow (air and increased oxygen sent at a higher-than-normal pressure). That seemingly worked for a while. Her oxygen and respiratory support needs increased and she was switched to a CPAP (Continuous high pressure air using cannulas that prevent the pressure from escaping her nasal pathway).

Her needs continued to increase and the decision was made to have her undergo a pericardiocentesis (a procedure to drain the excess fluid built up between her heart and pericardium). We have also started to try to treat her high eosinophil counts with a light steroid regimen.

We are still awaiting more genetic tests results, including one test where she’ll be the first to gain approval for with her conditions. We continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers being sent to Imogen’s side. She remains strong through each new challenge presented to her.

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