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February 6, 2021

Imogen update: Day 33 in the hospital.

The last couple weeks we have had some ups and downs and are learning how to endure the long game that this will be. As we started the week of 1-25-2021, we believed we were going to be able to head home that week, but we soon learned that was not going to happen. Imogen’s bilious emesis returned and her stomach became tight and distended. These reactions called for a quick change in direction for Imogen’s healing plan. The doctors quickly scheduled an MRI and an endoscopy in hopes to find some answers. Imogen also had an echocardiogram.

The MRI did not find any abnormalities to Imogen’s soft tissue in her abdomen area. The endoscopy images came back normal and so did the biopsies. These results helped the doctors eliminate possible diseases which is great to hear while at the same time unsettling. The doctor felt the next step is to place a picc line in Imogen’s arm to maintain proper nutrition with the TPN while removing the feeding tube to allow her GI tract to rest.

Imogen still has episodes of bilious emesis. Her weight is slowly increasing. She started taking an antibiotic to balance out good and bad bacteria in her gut. The doctors are working with the geneticist again and did a few blood draws this week that will be sent to the Mayo Clinic and to Helena for evaluation of a few genetic syndromes.

The overall goal has not changed, get Imogen’s weight back up, bring back her GI track motility to eliminate bilious emesis. The course taken to get there is still unclear as we wander forward.

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