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Help support Imogen's medical costs

Imogen is a beautiful and happy 1-year-old girl, born in Bozeman, Montana. Her parents, Travis and Hannah, both grew up in Billings. Like any other girls her age, she enjoys music, snuggles, stickers, laughter, FaceTiming with family, and Baby Yoda.

In December 2020, Imogen began showing symptoms that her little body was fighting a battle. Since then, her family, many experts, and doctors have been working around the clock to find a diagnosis. In the meantime, she has undergone various treatments and continues to fight and show the world her resilient, beautiful personality. 

We know many of you have already helped us out a lot, and we thank you for that. If you can help out more, we give you many more thanks. If you can’t help out financially, please continue to keep Imogen in your thoughts and prayers.

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